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Spontaneous Up states: mining age-dependent prototypes

Spontaneous Up states can capture developmental changes in intracortical networks

  • An integrated functional index of the cortical microcircuit is still lacking
  • We explored spontaneous Up states from local field potential recorded in mouse cortical slices throughout the mouse lifespan.
  • We employ two independent and complementary methodologies
  • We reveal that Up state activity is systematically modified by age, with the largest changes occurring during early development and adolescence.
  • Our findings suggest that in vitro Up states can serve as a functional index of cortical development and differentiation and can provide a baseline for comparing experimental and/or genetic mouse models.

For more information see:
Rigas P., Adamos D., Sigalas C., Tsakanikas P., Laskaris N. and Skaliora I., Spontaneous Up states in vitro: a single-metric index of the functional maturation and regional differentiation of the cerebral cortex, Frontiers in Neural Circuits, 2015

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