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Music listening triggers EEG brain rhythms multiplexing

Our new study reports, for the first time, functional interactions among EEG brain rhythms in music perception.

Our approach was motivated by recent trends in Network Science that focus on the multi-scaled character of complex network systems.

Unravelling the music taste of famous Norwegian artists by decoding their brainwaves

Ole Paus is a Norwegian troubadour in the Swedish-Norwegian ballad tradition, an author, a poet and an actor.

Lars Vaular is a Norwegian rapper and hip-hop artist, award-winning painter and author.

Musical NeuroPicks: a consumer-grade BCI for on-demand music streaming services

Machine-learning in conjunction with commercial wearable EEG-devices can be used for translating listener’s subjective experience of music into scores that could fit in popular on-demand music streaming services.

Our work in the spotlight of media

Our recent study drew the attention of the digital business news.


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