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Event synchronization between OpenSesame and Emotiv EEG Testbench

OpenSesame (experiment builder) and Testbench (EEG recording) software are operating on different computers

Event triggering synchronization tutorial between OpenSesame1 and Emotiv EEG Testbench2, facilitating the use of Emotiv EPOC3 wireless Brain Computer Interface device in cognitive research experiments

A Matlab guide to Phase-Amplitude Coupling

Phase-Amplitude Cross-Frequency Coupling algorithm

Serving the spirit of reproducible research, we include a Matlab Guide for single-trial and across-trials Phase-Amplitude Coupling estimator.

We are including the main functions (m-files) and scripts developed for the publication:

"A novel biomarker of amnestic MCI based on dynamic Cross-Frequency Coupling patterns during cognitive brain responses", Frontiers in Neuroscience 2015, edited by S.Dimitriadis & N.Laskaris.

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