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The Neuroinformatics.GRoup is a self-organized research team wishing to explore brain function by means of innovative signal analytic tools. By applying principles of information theory to demanding Neuroscience problems, we aim at revolutionizing the way that the analysis of neural and neuroimaging data is performed, and also to pose new open theoretic challenges that lie beyond the range of contemporary information-analytic techniques.

The Neuroinformatics.GRoup conducts neuroscience and applied research based on a battery of original sophisticated algorithms which were motivated by the need to track brain's pattern formation and conceptualize the related dynamics in a intelligible manner.

Blending ideas from computational intelligence, modern signal processing, graph theory, and nonlinear dynamics we have developed efficient methodologies for gaining insights to neurophysiological recordings and neuroimaging datasets.

Based on a unifying algorithmic platform, that can encapsulate almost most types of neuroscientific data, we can tackle a wide spectrum of problems ranging from spike-sorting to real-time network analysis of the whole brain.

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