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Selected Publications

# Year Publication DOI
42 2021 K. Georgiadis, D. A. Adamos, S. Nikolopoulos, N. Laskaris and I. Kompatsiaris
"Covariation Informed Graph Slepians for Motor Imagery Decoding"
IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, vol. 29, pp. 340-349, 2021
41 In Press Laskaris N., Adamos D.A., Bezerianos A.
"A Tutorial on Graph Theory for Brain Signal Analysis"
Springer Handbook of Neuroengineering (Editor Thakor N.), in Press
40 2020 Kalaganis F., Laskaris N., Chatzilari E., Adamos D.A. et al.
"A complex-valued functional brain connectivity descriptor amenable to Riemannian geometry"
Journal of Neural Engineering, 2020
39 2019 Georgiadis K., Laskaris N. et al.
"Connectivity steered graph Fourier transform for motor imagery BCI decoding"
Journal of Neural Engineering, 2019
38 2019 Georgiadis K., Laskaris N., Nikolopoulos S., Adamos D.A., Kompatsiaris I.
"Using Discriminative Lasso to Detect a Graph Fourier Transform (GFT) Subspace for robust decoding in Motor Imagery BCI"
41st Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), 2019
37 2019 Kalaganis F., Laskaris N. et al.
"A Riemannian Geometry Approach to Reduced and Discriminative Covariance Estimation in Brain Computer Interfaces"
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 2019
36 2018 Georgiadis K, Laskaris N. et al.
"Exploiting the heightened phase synchrony in patients with neuromuscular disease for the establishment of efficient motor imagery BCIs"
Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation, 2018
35 2018 Kalaganis F., Chatzilari E., Nikolopoulos S., Kompatsiaris I., Laskaris N.
"An error-aware gaze-based keyboard by means of a hybrid BCI system"
Scientific reports (Nature Publishing Group), 2018

34 2018 Kosti M., Georgiadis K., Adamos D.A., Laskaris N., Spinellis D. and Angelis L.
"Towards an affordable brain computer interface for the assessment of programmers’ mental workload"
International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 2018

33 2018 Adamos D.A., Laskaris N. and Micheloyannis S.
“Harnessing functional segregation across brain rhythms as a means to detect EEG oscillatory multiplexing during music listening”
Journal of Neural Engineering, 2018
32 2017 Kalaganis F., Adamos D.A. and Laskaris N.,
"Musical NeuroPicks: a consumer-grade BCI for on-demand music streaming services"
Neurocomputing, 2018
31 2017 Georgiadis K., Laskaris N. et al.
"Discriminative codewaves: a symbolic dynamics approach to SSVEP recognition for asynchronous BCI."
Journal of Neural Engineering, 2018
30 2016 Kalaganis F., Adamos D.A. and Laskaris N.,
“A consumer BCI for automated music evaluation within a popular on-demand music streaming service | Taking listener’s brainwaves to extremes”
12th IFIP International Conference and Workshops on Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations (AIAI 2016), IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology 2016, Springer New York
29 2016 Adamos D.A., Dimitriadis S. and Laskaris N.,
"Towards the bio-personalization of music recommendation systems: A single-sensor EEG biomarker of subjective music preference"
Information Sciences, 2016
28 2016 Dimitriadis S., Sun Y., Laskaris N. et al.,
"Revealing cross-frequency causal interactions during a mental arithmetic task through symbolic transfer entropy: a novel vector-quantization approach"
IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, 2016
27 2015 Laskaris N.,
"MINeD Graphs : graphs mined from time-resolved functional brain connectomics"
Invited talk at FENS Featured Regional Meeting 2015
26 2015 Rigas P., Adamos D.A., Sigalas C., Tsakanikas P., Laskaris N. and Skaliora I.,
"Spontaneous Up states in vitro: a single-metric index of the functional maturation and regional differentiation of the cerebral cortex"
Frontiers in Neural Circuits, 2015
25 2015 Dimitriadis S., Laskaris N. et al.,
"A novel biomarker of amnestic MCI based on dynamic Cross-Frequency Coupling patterns during cognitive brain responses"
Frontiers in Neuroscience, 2015
24 2015 Dimitriadis S., Laskaris N. et al.,
"Transition dynamics of EEG-based network microstates during mental arithmetic and resting wakefulness reflects task-related modulations and developmental changes"
Cognitive Neurodynamics, 2015
23 2014 Dimitriadis S., Sun Y., Kwok K., Laskaris N. et al.

"Cognitive Workload Assessment Based on the Tensorial Treatment of EEG Estimates of Cross-Frequency Phase Interactions"
Annals of Biomedical Engineering, 2014

22 2014 Adamos D.A., Laskaris N, et al.,
"A non-parametric prototyping scheme for LFP dynamics and its application to detect changes in spontaneous UP-states due to cortical maturation and aging"
21 2014 Liparas D., Dimitriadis S., Laskaris N., Tzelepi A. et al.,
"Exploiting the temporal patterning of transient VEP signals: A statistical single-trial methodology with implications to brain–computer interfaces (BCIs)"
Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 2014
20 2013 Dimitriadis S, Laskaris N, et al.,
"Altered temporal correlations in resting-state connectivity fluctuations in children with reading difficulties detected via MEG"
NeuroImage, vol. 83:307–317, 2013
19 2013 Dimitriadis S., Laskaris N., Tzelepi A.,
"On the Quantization of time-varying phase synchrony patterns into distinct Functional Connectivity Microstates (FCμstates) in a multi-trial visual ERP paradigm"
Brain Topography, 2013
18 2013 Laskaris N. et al.,
"Improved detection of amnestic MCI by means of Discriminative Vector Quantization of Single-Trial cognitive ERP responses"
Journal of Neuroscience Methods, vol. 212 (2): 344–354, 2013
17 2012 Ioannides A., Dimitriadis S., Saridis G., Voultsidou M., Poghosyan V., Liu L. and Laskaris N.,
"Source Space Analysis of Event-Related Dynamic Reorganization of Brain Networks"
Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine, vol. 2012, Article ID 452503
16 2012 Dimitriadis S., Kanatsouli K., Laskaris N. et al.,
"Surface EEG shows that functional segregation via phase coupling contributes to the neural substrate of mental calculations"
Brain and Cognition. vol. 80(1): 45-52, 2012
15 2012 Adamos D.A., Laskaris N., Kosmidis E.K., Theophilidis G.,
"In quest of the missing neuron: Spike sorting based on dominant-sets clustering"
Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine. vol. 107(1): 28–35, 2012
14 2012 Dimitriadis S., Laskaris N. et al.,
"Analyzing Functional Brain Connectivity by Means of Commute Times: A New Approach and its Application to Track Event-Related Dynamics"
IEEE Trans. Biomed. Engineering .vol 59(5): 1302-1309, 2012
13 2012 Dimitriadis S., Laskaris N. et al.,
"A novel symbolization scheme for multichannel recordings with emphasis on phase information and its application to differentiate EEG activity from different mental tasks"
Cognitive Neurodynamics. vol.6(1):107-113, 2012
12 2012 Dimitriadis S., Laskaris N. et al.,
"An EEG study of brain connectivity dynamics at the resting state"
Nonlinear Dynamics Psychology and Life Sciences . vol.16(1): 5-22, 2012
11 2011 Adamos D.A., Laskaris N., Kosmidis E.K., Theophilidis G.,
"Spike sorting based on noise-assisted semi-supervised learning methodologies"
Neuroscience Letters 2011, vol. 500(Suppl.), e32-33. Abs.
10 2010 Dimitriadis S., Laskaris N. et al.,
"Tracking brain dynamics via time-dependent network analysis"
Journal of Neuroscience Methods, vol. 193(1): 145-155, 2010
9 2010 Adamos D.A., Laskaris N., Kosmidis E.K., Theophilidis G,
"NASS: an empirical approach to Spike Sorting with overlap resolution based on a hybrid Noise-Assisted methodology"
Journal of Neuroscience Methods , vol. 190(1): 129-142, 2010
8 2010 Dimitriadis S., Laskaris N. et al.,
"What does delta band tell us about cognitive processes: A mental calculation study"
Neuroscience Letters, vol. 483(1): 11-15, 2010
7 2010 Tzelepi A., Laskaris N. et al.
"Saccades and attention shifts to horizontal and vertical targets: an MEG study"
Brain Research. vol.1321: 105-116. 2010
6 2009 Zigkolis C., Laskaris N.,
"Using conditional FCM to mine event-related brain dynamics"
Computers in Biology and Medicine. vol.39(4):346-354, 2009
5 2009 Laskaris N., Zafeiriou S., Garefa L.,
"Use of Random Time-Intervals (RTIs) Generation for Biometric Verification"
Pattern Recognition. vol.42(11), 2787-2796, 2009
4 2009 Dimitriadis S., Laskaris N. et al.,
"Characterizing Dynamic Functional Connectivity Across Sleep Stages from EEG"
Brain Topography. vol.22(2),119-133, 2009
3 2008 Adamos D.A., Kosmidis E.K., Theophilidis G.,
"Performance evaluation of PCA-based spike sorting algorithms"
Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, vol. 91(3), 232-44, 2008
2 2008 Laskaris N., Zafeiriou S.,
"Beyond FCM: Graph-theoretic post-processing algorithms for learning and representing the data structure"
Pattern Recognition. vol. 41(8) : 2630– 2644, 2008
1 2008 Laskaris N., Kosmidis E.K. et al.,
"A Manifold Learning approach to understanding and characterizing olfactory responses from optical-recordings"
IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology, vol. 27(2): 69-79, 2008.